Social Media: Am I the Pandora Box?

My First Social Media Experience

My first Social Media experience probably started since 2009, when I first encountered Facebook on the internet through a recommendation from a close friend to keep in touch with each other, as I was living overseas at that time.


Facebook completely changed the way on how I understand the internet, it’s like an enlightenment, a tutor that showed you how much more you can do with the internet. After all, before Facebook, we only had access to Google and some random game websites, forgive me, I was only 11 at that time.

Through my personal profile and my recent posts on Facebook, I can show others how my life is going on in China and the events I had been participating. Interestingly, my friends who just joined Facebook at that time was also astonished by the features it provided. But what’s more, the platform felt like it gave everyone equal rights to speak, to share. And all of a sudden, our Facebook pages are filled with photos, videos, opinions that were posted, reposted or shared by the friends we are connected on the platform.


As time passed by, Facebook became a “square” for me, a place where people will get their latest information that is sometimes quicker than news. Facebook had also become a diary for me where I can record my life on it. But ultimately, Facebook had become one of those tools that I need in my life to keep connected with close friends that I made around the world.

So What Other Social Medias Do I Use Now?

Currently, I’m using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WeChat and Weibo. I know right, it’s a long list. But trust me, I don’t use them as often compared to when I just started using them, especially Facebook since it had become more like a “phonebook” for me, since I’m doing most of my “sharing of life” on Instagram now.

As for Twitter, I’ve been using it recently to gain the latest news, since it is concise and accurate, which makes it one of the most efficient platform to gain news or opinions. In terms of leisure time entertainment, I would turn to Youtube, since there are a lot of good videos for cooking, entertainment and lifestyle videos.

WeChat is more like the Chinese version of Facebook since I can connect with my Chinese friends on it and Weibo is like Twitter in China as well, since it has nearly the same features as Twitter.

How Have My Social Media Habits Changed?

At first, I might post five to ten posts per day on Facebook, as I was excited like a child having the opportunity to play a new toy. But as my age grew, I started to pay more attention to how I present myself in front of my friends, families and the public. Since one single critical remark could potentially change how others think about me.


In addition, instead of posting random and raw pictures on social media, I had started to photoshop them, in order to make them look professional and even artistic, before it was published on social media. Since I believe pictures are equally important as words that are being posted online.

What Do I Dislike About Social Media?

Now Let’s talk about what I dislike on Social Media. The first thing on top of my list would definitely be fake news. Since everyone can use social media to expand their influence on the internet and in turn even monetizing it. Hence, eye-catching and inaccurate posts and news were now widely shared on Social Media. For people who don’t even consider the accuracy of the information will just simply share it. But whatever the purpose is, social media is now flooded with bad information, and there are no signs on when it will stop.

The second thing on top of my list would be self-censoring. I know it might sound confusing, so please allow me to explain. As we get used to a certain “circle of friends”, we would be censoring information unconsciously from the outside world, since we are receiving a lot of information from our existing friends on social media. Hence, as time flows by we might be losing the ability of critical thinking, since we are not considering other information other than those that we receive from our friends. In addition, critical thinking is important as well, since it shapes our mindset, values and morality.

Pandora Box?

Ultimately, I don’t think it’s a pandora box, but rather a double-edged sword. It can help us to reach out to our friends and even make it better. But if we don’t use it with caution, it can hurt ourselves and others who we cherish by simply conveying false information.

Final Remarks

Though this is a class assignment, I would still treat it as if I was actually blogging. But what I ultimately want to get out of this class is how to do micro brand management in a more professional and formal way. Moreover, I would also like to learn more Social Media Marketing techniques that can be applied in real business cases. Being a professional marketer is hard, but there are really no easy ways to it, except keep practicing on it.

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Author: Ryan Ong

Creighton 2020 /Marketing /Malaysian Chinese

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